News Clips

News Clips

India’s fixation with shrimp – a policy perspective

Civil society, trade experts urge India not to ratify WTO’s agreement on fisheries subsidies

Fishermen organisations reject recent amendment to CRZ 2011 notification


Fisherfolk’s body rejects notification on changes to coastal regulation law

WB: Fishers Duped of Hundreds of Crores of Subsidy Money in a Major Scam

Bengal: Fishers Worried Over Livelihood Losses if Tajpur Deep Sea Port Materialises

Photo essay: Why are fishers in West Bengal shifting to farming?

വിഴിഞ്ഞത്ത് മാത്രമല്ല, ഇന്ത്യയിലെമ്പാടും തീരങ്ങൾ പോരാട്ടത്തിലാണ്

Urgency brews to foreground loss and damage at COP27

Mamata Govt Ignores Fishermen in Coastal Zone Plan Despite Adverse CAG Report

Fisheries: বেসরকারি সংস্থাদের সমুদ্র দখল! ‘খাঁচায় মাছ চাষ’ করায় জীবিকা সঙ্কটের আশঙ্কা মৎস্য চাষিদের |

Tourism has taken a toll on fishing in a town in coastal West Bengal

A crisis of deepening inequality

In coastal villages, the heavy toll of shrimp farming

Incremental Dilution of India’s Environment Regulatory Regime for Benefit of Corporates?

Marine fish catch from north Bay of Bengal region on decline, state faces Hilsa crisis

Permission for making houses at costal areas granted by administration

UNDP experts complete investigation into the destruction of Godavari mangroves

Manipur’s BJP-Led Government Evaded the Law, Misled Court for Two Mega-Projects – The Wire Science

Sand smuggling: Stealing sand from the beach, who’s doing it? I came up with exciting information to find out.

Small Scale Traditional Fishermen Clash with Ring Seine Boats off Visakhapatnam Coast : A Deep Based Contradiction Erupts | Pradip Chatterjee

सुंदरवन में पर्यावरण नियमों की धज्जियां उड़ा कर बन रहे रिसॉर्ट, एनजीटी नाराज

National Green Tribunal slams the DM of Sundarbans for breaking the environmental norms – Anandabazar

Respect fundamental human rights: Loktak fisherfolk – The Frontier Manipur

Loktak fishers observe Loktak Arson anniversary

India Wants a ‘Blue Revolution’. What Do India’s Fishers Want?

Fishers Die at Sea. Their Insurance Falls Through the Cracks

During Monsoon Fishing Ban, India’s Small-scale Fishers Flounder at the Deep End

Fewer Fishing Days, Lower Catch, Poor Welfare Access Leave India’s Fishers Poorer

Draft Marine Fisheries Bill | A netting trouble

UNDP to probe ‘destruction’ of Kakinada mangrove cover

পাড় বাঁধানোয় জীবিকা সঙ্কটের আশঙ্কায় মৎস্যজীবীরা

Indian fish farmers refute damning report

জঙ্গলে মাছ-কাঁকড়া ধরতে বন দফতরের বাধা, আন্দোলনে সুন্দরবনের মৎস্যজীবী সংগঠন

All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union submits memorandum to Director of Fisheries

Release pending subsidy, Fishermen Union tells govt

জম্বুদ্বীপে বিদেশি জাহাজের নোঙর, ক্ষোভ মৎস্যজীবীদের

কুড়ি হাজার কোটিরপ্রধানমন্ত্রী মৎস্য সম্পদ যোজনা আসলে কী ? জেনে নিন

ছাই-জলে মরছে মাছ, কাজ বাঁচাতে কোর্টে মৎস্যজীবী

Speculation regarding distribution of Kishan Credit Card in Midnapore

CCF Marine Meetups – Understanding the Coastal Regulation Zone Policy

This Manipur village floats between non-existence and a hard reality, made worse by Covid

মৎসজীবীদের অর্ধেক মূল্যে আইস বক্স বিতরণ | ANANDA BANGLA | PURBA MEDINIPUR

পূর্ব মেদিনীপুর মৎস্যজীবী ফোরামের সাধারণ সভা | ANANDA BANGLA | CONTAI

Sunderban’s fishermen look for safer life and better wages

Centre’s listless attitude delays more than 5K villagers get their houses

কেমন আছেন বাংলার মৎস্যজীবীরা ! কি বলছে মৎস্যজীবী ফোরাম !! |ANANDA BANGLA | MUKHOMUKHI

India’s new fisheries policy will increase private control over open access water bodies

Draft National Fisheries Policy seeks big growth but ignores fishers

Marina in Zuari will affect fishing

OH! NO! So long, and thanks for no fish?

Migrant Fish Workers Article in DTE

India struggles with twin challenges of cyclone and pandemic

আম্ফান ঘুর্নিঝড় থেকে রক্ষা করতে উপকূল জুড়ে সতর্কতা জারি প্রশাসনের

Allow Migrant Fish Workers to Go Home

Fishermen call for national policy on Inland Fisheries & Aquaculture

লকডাউনে থমকে লাইসেন্স নবীকরণ, সমস্যায় মৎস্যজীবীরা 

कॉपरेटिव बना कर आपस में लड़वा रही है सरकार, मछुआरों को नहीं मिल रहा लाभ – चटर्जी

जलाशय पर  छोटे मछुआरों का पहला अधिकार होना चाहिये- प्रदीप चटर्जी

Bengal fishermen face livelihood quandary

Shrinking prospects for shrimp farmers as India faces a global slump

Save Water – Save Fish – Save Fisher People

Say ‘No’ to Sagarmala, Industrial & Coastal Corridor, River Linking & National Water Ways.

Brackish water from prawn bheris seeps into farmland, destroys crops.

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