Who We Are

Who We Are


This section is dedicated to different major categories of fish workers engaged in small scale fisheries like fishers, fish farmers, fish vendors, fish sorters and dryers, fishing net makers and repairers. The distinctive features of small scale fisheries are –

Small Scale Fisheries is more Sustainable –

     To be sustainable natural resource utilisation has to match its regeneration. Slow in extraction and non-aggressive in nature small scale fisheries is most suitable for this principle.

 Small Scale Fisheries is more Traditional –

   Small scale fisheries have grown through ages. The age old process of coping with the characteristics  of natural fish resources in specific ecology and environment has bestowed it with particular knowledge of the ways and means of  catching fish and dealing with ecological sustainability and environmental concerns.

 Small Scale Fisheries is more Equitable –

      Small scale fisheries through its large number of small ownerships and larger partnerships distribute the wealth earned through fishing in a scale incomparably larger to mechanised or large scale fisheries.



Spread over both the marine and inland fisheries

The major categories small scale fish workers are

Fishers, Fish Farmers, Fish Vendors and Fish Sorters and Dryers.

There are also ancillary workers like Net Makers and Repairers.

In India there are about 6 million fish workers with a

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